boy student

Did you know that only 42% of foster children will actually graduate from high school?  The truth is that due to the trauma of the abuse and neglect our kids have experienced, they struggle academically.  Prior to COVID-19, they were surrounded with additional resources to help support them through these challenges and now...their educational services have been reduced to a single virtual platform.

Our Academic and Life Skills program has been so essential during this time.

Paul is in the 8th grade and is obsessed with comic book superheroes,his favorite is the Spider-man.  Recognizing this, his academic coach, Mr. Justin, found a way to channel this interest into an effective motivation technique. Paul "trains" with Mr. Justin several times a week, strengthening his spidey sense to enhance his performance.  Just liketheheroes that he looks up to, Paul knows that he must train to become stronger, but in this case, his training is his studies and his strength is his knowledge.  Last year, they were able to bring his grades up to honor roll level!  This semester, they  have spent their afternoons tackling the dreaded villains of Grammar and the appropriate use of a semi-colon.  

It is only through the consistent private support of our Harbor Keepers that we are able to provide the one to one academic support that our children thrive on.   Together, we are proving that no matter what challenge we face, COVID CAN'T STOP THE GOOD that is happening each and every day at Children's Harbor!