Quality Care



Quality Care for Children and Families

In an effort to provide the highest quality care for the children and families we serve, Children’s Harbor demonstrates commitment to a
plan for and promotes a culture for continuous quality improvement.  This plan systematically and routinely gathers information from all stakeholders, for the purposes of planning and assessing the efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery and customer satisfaction.

The staff-driven processes are strength-based, with the goal of eliminating or reducing identified problems regardless of scale.  The goal is to determine causes and provide solutions, when data reveal issues of concern.

In addition, this process provides for the development and/or replication of best practice models.  Corrective action is integral to the plan, with identified staff responsibilities and timeframes for implementation.  Each quarterly meeting begins with progress on items for corrective action or implementation and acknowledges progress significant accomplishment. Tracking continues until successful completion or resolution of the challenge.