True North Program Outcomes

True North

The success of the True North Program can be exhibited in the responses from Cohort 2 exit surveys. 

The comments from the youth were very positive about the program and are a testament to the team’s commitment to True North.  The team has made and continues to make a huge positive impact on the youth they are entrusted to serve.  Comments included:

  • I love this program with all that I am, I am grateful to be a part of this program. This program brought positivity to my life and life lessons.
  • I think this should be a part of high school curriculum because it teaches critical life skills with no bias or preference
  • Thank you for taking your time out of the month to teach and show us young adults how to take care of each other
  • Your class helped me understand myself and that my relationship was not healthy for me
  • I love this program.  It helps me with all types of skills for relationship such as friendships, partners, and parenting skills. I'm very grateful for this program.
  • Great program that includes much knowledge people lack in the adult "real" life. Taught us a lot about adult situations and how to handle them.