Heaven Williams

heaven williams image

Heaven Williams moved to BH on 6/1/2019. Heaven is a full-time student at Broward College where she is completing her AA degree.  Heaven’s career goal at this time is to become a certified celebrity stylist.  She believes her dedication and hair styling gift will someday be on display in one of the top beauty magazines currently on the market.  Earlier this year, Heaven completed the Cosmetology Certificate course at Sheridan Tech and has her own private studio applying her hair styling skills to many customers.  Heaven is very proud of her hair styling ability, especially being a woman of faith, she is proud to be the hair stylist for her church pastor and many other members of her church community.  Currently, Heaven is employed at ChildNet where she works at Safe Place and earns $12.00/hr. Heaven will transition from BH on 8/1/2019 as the first young adult employed by the Flite Center to be the Resident Assistant (RA) for one of the Transitional Independent Living (TIL) housing properties managed by the Flite Center in Ft Lauderdale.