Clinic - Jewel


Jewel has definitely been a delight to work with. When I started working with her in May 2019, she exhibited restless / hyperactive behaviors, poor personal boundaries and an evident deficiency in differentiating emotions that would have been congruent with affect.  At present, Jewel has achieved significant strides in not only learning proactive skills, but also understanding the benefit of each. For example, Jewel instantly recognizes behaviors that are risky in nature, or when she has not followed a rule of a game, or resisting redirection, by stating (before I, or the clinical intern point out a particular behavior to her), “Oh I did that,” or “Oh I’m sorry, I wasn’t supposed to do that,” or “I didn’t follow the rule, I won’t do it again,” including her awareness as to the reason and benefit of the rule or therapeutic tool.  In addition to her verbalizing accountability of her actions, Jewel will in fact reduce recidivism of that action. Jewel has also exhibited an almost surpassed knowledge in recognizing and verbalizing correct corresponding emotions and affect. So much so, that Jewel spontaneously shares stories in her past, and at present, in which she describes her feelings, how seemingly profound she experienced the feeling, and factors that continue to precipitate that experience. Jewel is also vocal in stating her own boundaries, such as: “I don’t want to talk about that right now,” of which tells she understands when to place her own healthy boundaries as to what she is ready to disclose or process at the moment. Jewel’s restlessness is still present, however, at a level that seems more appropriate to her age and growth development. Jewel is noted to have increased attention span with greater intervals, and although continues to need redirection, displays gradual recognition of what healthy, appropriate personal boundaries entail.