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Abyolla moved to Brown’s Harbor in January 2019.  Prior to her 18th birthday she resided with her foster parents.  Abyolla’s goal was to graduate from High school and transition to Broward College to pursue a degree in history and thereafter obtain a teaching job.  Abyolla graduated from West Park Prep high school on June 3, 2019. When she came to BH, Abyolla was not satisfied with the condition of her Mazda Miata vehicle. It was old and broken and had holes in the ceiling that let the rainwater in.  The car needed work and eventually became a money pit.  Rather than spend lots of money on repairs, Abyolla decided she would work harder and save towards a newer more reliable vehicle that she liked.  She researched and purchased a 2003 Mercedes Benz and paid for it with cash.  Abyolla stated her philosophy is to not purchase unnecessary things, not spend beyond her means, budget, and to save everything else.  Abyolla stated she started working at Burger King when she was 16, for the minimum wage $8.10/hr. She transitioned to Burger Fi where she earned $8.75/hr.  By the time she left this restaurant, seven months later, she was earning $9.96/hr.  Abyolla transitioned to Wendy’s and again started at minimum wage, within a few months; she was given the opportunity to train for the shift supervisor position.  By her 18th birthday, she became a shift supervisor earning $9.96/hr.  In May 2019, Abyolla became restaurant manager, and by late June 2019 she became the assistant general manager where she is earning 11.50/hr.  Based on the demands of her employment at Wendy’s and the reality that she would begin college this fall 2019, she would have to make an adjustment to her work status.  So, she researched jobs and was hired for the part time position at Sunday CO, where she is working along with the company’s owner to sell beauty supplies (Ace hair products, Zuii make up and Goody hair products) to beauty exchange stores.  Abby stated, one of the benefits of this position is she gets reimbursed for her mileage in addition to her earning $500.00/wk.  Abyolla’s employment goal for the remainder of the summer is to build up her savings account.